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On this page, you will find links to resources for further learning about the Bahá’í  Faith and Bahá’í  activities around the world, the country, and the region.

For more reading about the Bahá’í  Faith, access to films, and to see what Bahá’ís and their friends around the world are endeavouring to learn about, visit

The Official Website of the
Worldwide Bahá’í Community:

To learn about the national Bahá’í  community, visit

The Official Website of the
Bahá’í Community of Canada:

For stories, resources and to see the process of grassroots community building unfolding across
the region, visit

The Official Website of the
Bahá’í Community of Ontario:

Access the Bahá’í  Writings:

To learn more about the educational programs and materials offered by the Ruhi Institute, you can visit their website: https://www.ruhi.org/en/programs-and-materials/

If you are interested in engaging with any of the activities described here, reach out and contact us, and we can connect you with activities happening in the community or help you start your own.